Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ancient Roads and Old Maps Talk at Historical Society

Ancient Roads and Old Maps in Vermont will be the subject of a one hour talk August 19th 6:00 pm at the Old Town Hall Salisbury VT.

This event is free to the public and sponsored by the Salisbury Historical Society.

David Allen of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, who has reproduced many old Vermont maps, will discuss how to use old maps for research into ancient roads and house sites. Allen’s talk will review the entire range of historic maps of Vermont, from the earliest Colonial lotting plans through the detailed homeowner name maps of the mid 19th century. The talk will be illustrated with slides showing examples of many state and local maps and the history they reveal. Allen will have on hand several examples of original maps, and some paper reprints as well. Maps are always an interesting subject, but especially so now since many Vermont towns are struggling with the Ancient Roads issue. Some of Allen’s map reproductions will be available for sale at the event. Allen has posted some examples of old maps at his web site

David Allen lives in New Hampshire and owns a land surveying business in western Massachusetts, but spends most of his free time wandering about Vermont. He is an active outdoorsman and amateur historian with Vermont roots who enjoys exploring back roads looking for old cellarholes and mill sites. He also owns a small map publishing business called “Old Maps” which has reproduced many old New England maps over the past twenty years. Allen has acquired scans of several thousand old Vermont town and village maps. Two years ago he completed the re-publishing (on CD) of all of the old “Beers” atlases and county land ownership maps of Vermont.

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